A Single Green Light

by F. Virtue

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“A Single Green Light” challenges what’s expected to come from New York. Sonically it twists elements of vogue, house, and late 90’s indie rap, beneath an overarching aura of downtown after midnight. But lyrically it’s a concept driven record inspired by F. Virtue’s husband and The Great Gatsby. Themes include dissatisfaction, mortality, longing, hope, nightlife, love, America, wealth, and memory, all wrapped up into a symbollic 7 songs (his husbands lucky number) and 22 minutes (he and his husband met on a 22nd, and were married on a 22nd). It is self produced, and features no other rappers or producers.

The sole physical release of this record is on a limited custom hydra-printed lanyard with USB key handloaded and numbered / 100. The lanyard contains the album in high quality .wav files, the instrumentals, digital liner notes, and the album’s digital .gif release cover, and is available exclusively through Manhattan's La Petite Mort: bit.ly/1GiyoOG


All songs produced & written by F. Virtue
All cuts by DJ Emoh Betta
“Le Bain” features additional vox by Daniel J. W!shington
“As of Forever” features vox performed & written by Daniel J. W!shington
“Growing Old” features additional guitar & vox by Skylar Sarkis
Mixed & Mastered by Tenacity


released June 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Fameless Fam New York, New York

Fameless Fam is a Music & Art Collective of IRL Homies Only.

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Track Name: Le Bain ft. Daniel J. W!shington
I don’t believe in Godzilla
That a music genre could die
Or that any one is illa
Every word can make an impact
There’s no room for filla
King of the city?
You ain’t even queen of the desert

I keep my teeth sharp on the bones of known party hosts
Who are billed as DJs and MCs, but killed as regular folks
They’re well connected, dress well, and tell decent jokes
But have no pull with the reaper, do you believe in ghosts?
You don’t have to be what you say you are if you’re convincing
But one day what you really are and what you say will both get twisted
And even though your raps are ice cream stands in the dead of winter
I'll give you love if you love everything that you deliver
I'm Growing bitter, the door men show me no respect
So I’m the only vet standing in line cuz no one knows me yet
I earned my position fair
But someone else is sitting there
Fuck it, I don’t want the throne they covet
I want a different chair

If it’s over your head
Then you’re not out of your mind
Look inside of your chest
And tell me what do you find
I’ve learnt magic
Watch me turn blood into wine
After a bottle of this
Baby, I promise you’ll fly

This isn't the type of song one makes to go viral
This is a song I made because it's vital to my bio
Check the vitals, dissect the bile
Protect survival
Mama wants me to make a hit
She's worried about her child
I smile like it's fine like I'm fine like it's kosher
I'm the kind of artist who's more in the sketchbook than on the poster
All it takes is one she tells me
Yeah, So I've been told
Now what can I start selling
That hasn't already been sold?
My heads as heavy as the universe is tall
You can blow up and get huge but you'll still be so small
I vow on my two balls and on the good name of rupaul
That if you answer when your truth calls you'll rise where what they do falls

I'll be that thought you couldn't get off of your tongue
I'll be the deepest breathe when you cough up a lung
I'll get you back home when you've lost where you're from
And I'll still be me when all has stopped and it's done
Track Name: Sleep Watching
I love to watch you sleep, no no I cannot look away
I don't feel like a creep because we share a place so it's okay
you're so fucking beautiful and I know that won't change
If you don't lose it first
I will watch your hair turn grey
And you won't lose me first
No matter what I say no matter what is said
I'm staying by your side night and day every night and day until we're dead

I love to watch you sleep, no no I cannot look away
Im here to keep you safe, you keep me safe I'll keep the bad at bay
I'm sorry that you shake and get so scared when I graze your body
I lift the bed sheets softly
Whisper I'm here but my talking talking
takes you from your dream
Wakes you up like you were falling and about to hit the street
Can I call you my calling?
If I could get inside your head I'd catch you before the ground
When I get into our bed I try not to make a sound

Each step I stepped was stepped asleep
Slept walked through my weeks until we met
You opened my eyes and since
I haven't slept
The alarm clock I wont hit
My blood moves to your ring
Now we're blood, fused through our rings
Close your eyes don't think a thing
Rest your limbs, I'll hit your alarm clock when it sings
Skin to skin, I'm making sure you're sleeping in
Mother fuckers better wake up like we've been
Track Name: Gatsby
Whatcha looking at huh?
Looky looking at us
Scoping the look
You could look but don’t touch
Lit the room like a sun ray
So what it’s only Monday
This world is our runway

And just because you got into the club
Doesn’t mean you’re in the club
You are not in my crew
And we appear like we must have royal blood
So so happy in our buzz
But we’re just as sad as you

This bottle service really ain’t no mountain peak
Countless grey goose but I’d rather be counting sheep
I’m with the hype kids you wanna be tight with if the price fits
Life of the party feeling lifeless

View of the city, got my tongue in the night’s kiss
Eyes fixed on a distant glow not your nice kicks
I’m it, every body wants to be like this
But I want to be where the green glowing light is

There’s dreams in each window
Hope in each building
Stories on each story
And so much living
Dying every second
I try not to forget it
Let it be a reminder when numb makes apathetic

I brought a coat but I won’t check it
Tie it ‘round the waist while I’m eyein’ the place
Who says hi to my face then puts a knife in my back?
Haters are an omen that you’re on the right track

Moonshine and Newports
Smoking on the dance floor
This is new york
What more could one ask for

Casual opulence dropping hints of big news
Who’s doing what and who has which issues
This is the kinda convo I can’t sit through
Ain’t nothing moving ‘bout anyone’s big moves

That’s when a green glow sparked like a lit fuse
Your eyes across the room, I couldn’t miss you
They can spend their lives chasing the green of money
I’ll spend mine with the green eyes that love me
Track Name: As of Forever ft. Daniel J. W!shington
Before the gun shot
I was running
Speaking over drumming
Knew I’d be something
No clue when it’s coming
Not bowing, bending,
pretending or blending
No lemming, just let me,
Just let me, just let me
Fulfill the mission
Persistence, persistence
Will of the driven
Will you just listen
We’re given a moment
This one is mine
And this time is golden
Done with the hoping
I’ve done all I can
Been beat and broken
And I’ve been the man
The way that I wanted
The life that I planned
Didn’t pan out
Damn, this is my jam
We put in the work
Doesn't mean it'll work
Started at the bottom
Now we’re under the dirt
This is so deep
Deep beneath the earth
This is dance music
Sung for the worms
This isn't for them
It's for him it's for her
This isn’t a maybe
This is for sure
Not as of lately
As of forever
This is right now
Right now or never
Track Name: Growing Old
I've no need for punch lines or for metaphors
'cuz every everything is more simple when I'm near you
And this song's about you, the one who I adore
My clarity, so clearly these words should be clear too

And if you haven't found somebody like this
I don't expect you to like this
Damn right I've gotten soft through time
'cuz nothing's too hard when you've got two spines
Nothing's too heavy for four shoulders and four hands
I was just a boy
'til I was your man
Our love's like... Fuck it
No simile to describe it
'cuz no similar statement could ever define it
My baby

Growing old will never get old with you
Growing old will never get old with you
Growing old will never get old with you
Growing old with you wont get old with you

I was unavailable
Didn't believe in soul mates
I was unattainable
Really, who was on the level of an artist so unexplainable?
Literally, an artist who wouldn't explain to you...
My goals to be relatable
So I stayed un-date-able
If they saw me out with another guy would they hate me though?
The ego is inflatable
I'd rather be single and making singles then be degradable
But we're all biodegradable
And the emo rap teen angst shtick
I gave the universe came back and made me sick
I couldn't stick in the fences I willingly stood in
I mean, I guess I could've, but I shouldn't
And when I opened the gates and let the sun through
I found the one I love, my god I love you
I thought it'd be easier to hide have a wife and get by
But it's much easier to be by your (side)

And it was difficult to get here
But the best things are, that's what the best things take
Now every year I have is the best year
I don't need to be a star
I just need to be in your space

My baby.
Track Name: Orange Juice
I haven’t heard a word since our last meet up
I hope you don’t still think that their grass is greener
You're very rare like you were drawn by ass pizza
Don’t forget that either, Don’t let your past eat ya

Now you grab the mic for bragging rights and like the cooler
Used to be so full of raw to insight the future
You lost your guts with your style, they always bite when neutered
Your new songs just go on about clothes, mike the ruler

You made a hit and now you’re taking a hit
Rolling deep with people you’ve shallow relationships with
You’re lucky I quit battle raps to use these rhymes for good
Thank your god and knock 3 times on wood

There isn’t more to you so your life is straight boring you
Been squeezing the big apple trying to make orange juice
With no shame, name-dropping like you know Shayne
While I’m made of light so I don’t feel it when you throw shade

I crushed the city into OJ
And now everything is so great
Well, everything is okay
Yeah, everything is okay
Track Name: Diamonds for Gold
I was thought to be a prodigy in junior high
In between the odyssey and blue-ish eyes
It was taught to me we oughta see all that you could try
But putting feathers on and “I think I cans” doesn't mean you could fly
It's suicide
But who decides that
“The laws of physics, some things are off our limits,”
Said the awful cynics
Who never knew me, because me, I've flown wingless
And made myself royalty in a city that's kingless

Without divine blood or thinking I’m god or magic
You just have to find love to drink ‘till it’s gone, and that’s it

The white Canadian Jewish gay rapper
Who tore down doors for those that came after
Off my “We Are Not The Shame” banter
The same chatter yields the same results
Don't blame Last year
Change your skull
And tame the fall
It’s time we became adults

How come your outcome isn't coming out on top
When your outlook looks out for getting what you want to cop
You’re copping out, forgetting what you got to give
What you got to give then
It all or it all up
It's your pot to piss in

Diamonds for gold
Golden for black
Try not to hold
What's holding you back
Crystals of rain
Broken to glass
You can’t explain
With no one to ask

Billions of lungs share the breathing
Of the air this evening
Too brilliant and young to bare the grieving
Of scared believing
How dare you not dare what you dare perceiving
Whether you’re aware or sleeping
The city that never sleeps is there and dreaming

All you got's the night life
And the song till the groove’s gone
If you don’t get your life right
By an age you’ll have to move on

Here’s a coupon for the death of youth
Trade in what you dreamt you’d do
What you were best at too
‘Till there’s nothing left of you
and you accept that truth
Take your goals and set ‘em loose
A career’s not a step too soon
When growing up presents this doom then consumes
You can attempt to shoot or rest and lose
But it’s a test to prove
How bad you fucking want it from your head to shoes

How come your outcome isn't coming out on top
When your outlook looks out for getting what you want to cop
You’re copping out, forgetting you’ve got all it takes,
all it takes is taking it
The planets not round, it’s anything you shape of it.