Whatcha looking at huh?
Looky looking at us
Scoping the look
You could look but don’t touch
Lit the room like a sun ray
So what it’s only Monday
This world is our runway

And just because you got into the club
Doesn’t mean you’re in the club
You are not in my crew
And we appear like we must have royal blood
So so happy in our buzz
But we’re just as sad as you

This bottle service really ain’t no mountain peak
Countless grey goose but I’d rather be counting sheep
I’m with the hype kids you wanna be tight with if the price fits
Life of the party feeling lifeless

View of the city, got my tongue in the night’s kiss
Eyes fixed on a distant glow not your nice kicks
I’m it, every body wants to be like this
But I want to be where the green glowing light is

There’s dreams in each window
Hope in each building
Stories on each story
And so much living
Dying every second
I try not to forget it
Let it be a reminder when numb makes apathetic

I brought a coat but I won’t check it
Tie it ‘round the waist while I’m eyein’ the place
Who says hi to my face then puts a knife in my back?
Haters are an omen that you’re on the right track

Moonshine and Newports
Smoking on the dance floor
This is new york
What more could one ask for

Casual opulence dropping hints of big news
Who’s doing what and who has which issues
This is the kinda convo I can’t sit through
Ain’t nothing moving ‘bout anyone’s big moves

That’s when a green glow sparked like a lit fuse
Your eyes across the room, I couldn’t miss you
They can spend their lives chasing the green of money
I’ll spend mine with the green eyes that love me


from A Single Green Light, released June 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Fameless Fam New York, New York

Fameless Fam is a Music & Art Collective of IRL Homies Only.

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