Growing Old

from by F. Virtue



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I've no need for punch lines or for metaphors
'cuz every everything is more simple when I'm near you
And this song's about you, the one who I adore
My clarity, so clearly these words should be clear too

And if you haven't found somebody like this
I don't expect you to like this
Damn right I've gotten soft through time
'cuz nothing's too hard when you've got two spines
Nothing's too heavy for four shoulders and four hands
I was just a boy
'til I was your man
Our love's like... Fuck it
No simile to describe it
'cuz no similar statement could ever define it
My baby

Growing old will never get old with you
Growing old will never get old with you
Growing old will never get old with you
Growing old with you wont get old with you

I was unavailable
Didn't believe in soul mates
I was unattainable
Really, who was on the level of an artist so unexplainable?
Literally, an artist who wouldn't explain to you...
My goals to be relatable
So I stayed un-date-able
If they saw me out with another guy would they hate me though?
The ego is inflatable
I'd rather be single and making singles then be degradable
But we're all biodegradable
And the emo rap teen angst shtick
I gave the universe came back and made me sick
I couldn't stick in the fences I willingly stood in
I mean, I guess I could've, but I shouldn't
And when I opened the gates and let the sun through
I found the one I love, my god I love you
I thought it'd be easier to hide have a wife and get by
But it's much easier to be by your (side)

And it was difficult to get here
But the best things are, that's what the best things take
Now every year I have is the best year
I don't need to be a star
I just need to be in your space

My baby.


from A Single Green Light, released June 4, 2015



all rights reserved


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