Le Bain ft. Daniel J. W​!​shington

from by F. Virtue



I don’t believe in Godzilla
That a music genre could die
Or that any one is illa
Every word can make an impact
There’s no room for filla
King of the city?
You ain’t even queen of the desert

I keep my teeth sharp on the bones of known party hosts
Who are billed as DJs and MCs, but killed as regular folks
They’re well connected, dress well, and tell decent jokes
But have no pull with the reaper, do you believe in ghosts?
You don’t have to be what you say you are if you’re convincing
But one day what you really are and what you say will both get twisted
And even though your raps are ice cream stands in the dead of winter
I'll give you love if you love everything that you deliver
I'm Growing bitter, the door men show me no respect
So I’m the only vet standing in line cuz no one knows me yet
I earned my position fair
But someone else is sitting there
Fuck it, I don’t want the throne they covet
I want a different chair

If it’s over your head
Then you’re not out of your mind
Look inside of your chest
And tell me what do you find
I’ve learnt magic
Watch me turn blood into wine
After a bottle of this
Baby, I promise you’ll fly

This isn't the type of song one makes to go viral
This is a song I made because it's vital to my bio
Check the vitals, dissect the bile
Protect survival
Mama wants me to make a hit
She's worried about her child
I smile like it's fine like I'm fine like it's kosher
I'm the kind of artist who's more in the sketchbook than on the poster
All it takes is one she tells me
Yeah, So I've been told
Now what can I start selling
That hasn't already been sold?
My heads as heavy as the universe is tall
You can blow up and get huge but you'll still be so small
I vow on my two balls and on the good name of rupaul
That if you answer when your truth calls you'll rise where what they do falls

I'll be that thought you couldn't get off of your tongue
I'll be the deepest breathe when you cough up a lung
I'll get you back home when you've lost where you're from
And I'll still be me when all has stopped and it's done


from A Single Green Light, released June 4, 2015



all rights reserved


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