Sleep Watching

from by F. Virtue



I love to watch you sleep, no no I cannot look away
I don't feel like a creep because we share a place so it's okay
you're so fucking beautiful and I know that won't change
If you don't lose it first
I will watch your hair turn grey
And you won't lose me first
No matter what I say no matter what is said
I'm staying by your side night and day every night and day until we're dead

I love to watch you sleep, no no I cannot look away
Im here to keep you safe, you keep me safe I'll keep the bad at bay
I'm sorry that you shake and get so scared when I graze your body
I lift the bed sheets softly
Whisper I'm here but my talking talking
takes you from your dream
Wakes you up like you were falling and about to hit the street
Can I call you my calling?
If I could get inside your head I'd catch you before the ground
When I get into our bed I try not to make a sound

Each step I stepped was stepped asleep
Slept walked through my weeks until we met
You opened my eyes and since
I haven't slept
The alarm clock I wont hit
My blood moves to your ring
Now we're blood, fused through our rings
Close your eyes don't think a thing
Rest your limbs, I'll hit your alarm clock when it sings
Skin to skin, I'm making sure you're sleeping in
Mother fuckers better wake up like we've been


from A Single Green Light, released June 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Fameless Fam New York, New York

Fameless Fam is a Music & Art Collective of IRL Homies Only.

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